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Wrap FAQ’s 


What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap is a large vinyl graphic manufactured specifically to cover the entire exterior of the vehicle, and is normally applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. This means we can put virtually any photo or design, you imagine on the vehicle.

Is the vinyl wrap print protected?

We laminate each print. This provides durability and protection from scratches, as well as UV screening from the sun’s rays.

How is a vehicle wrap different than paint?

Paint is permanent. Vehicle Wraps actually protect your cars painted surface, and can be removed when it comes time to trade-in, or sell your car, we are also capable of striping your vehicle, should the need arise.

Will a vehicle wrap harm my vehicles surface?

If the Paint is in good condition from the start,  a vehicle wrap help protects your paint from the harmful effects of mother nature. In addition to UV protection, the vehicle wrap will stop chips, scratches, acid-rain and more, and since the vehicle wrap is not permanent, your paint will look just as pristine as it did the day you dropped your car off to be wrapped. So it protects your vehicle, all while promoting your business.

How should I care for my vehicle wrap?

Mild soap and water works best we do recommend that the vehicle is washed regularly, as road grime can cause vehicle wrap damage and negate the vinyl manufacturer’s warranty.

How cost effective are vehicle wraps?

 According to stats from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising. Depending on city and population size, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions.

Are vehicle wraps expensive?

Compared to other options for advertisement, vehicle wraps offer you the most exposure for the least amount of money. It has been said that over the course of a year, if you live in a city of 50,000, your vehicle wrap will receive 8.3 million impressions.

On average a small-mid sized car, such as a Corolla will cost around $2,000 to print and install, A mid-sized vehicle will cost approximately $2,500, and an SUV or Truck would be between $3,000-$3,500. Remember this does not include design fees.

So compared to radio, or television advertisement, the impressions to cost ratio is significantly lower.

What if I do not have a design in mind?

Our design team will work with you to create what works for you and your business “if you can imagine it we can design it”.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

The quick answer is 2 days or less to install the wrap, but the whole process is about 2 weeks, In general it takes a week for the design phase, two days to print and laminate the graphics, then less than 2 days for the install.

How do you handle wrapping windows?

“Window Perf”. Window perf vinyl is perforated with very small holes that allow you to see out. It also gives you the benefit of acting as a tinting to reduce heat in your interior and to prohibit people seeing into the car.

From inside the vehicle, visibility is similar to regular window tint. From the outside, the graphic is visible. We can use an optically clear over-laminate on window perf. This keeps dirt from settling into the holes and allows water to flow over the perf more easily, which helps visibility in the rain.

Should you desire Rear-Window graphics are a more discrete promotional option that drives brand-awareness without the cost of full- or partial-wrapping

What size vehicles can you wrap?

The answer to that is simple, we can wrap any vehicle. We are wrap experts and we can wrap something as small as motorcycle, all the way up to a truck. That is the beauty of vehicle wraps, there is no limit.

What is wrappable?

We can wrap just about anything, Boats, Trucks, Trailers, Bikes, if it’s in motion we can wrap it!

How long will the vehicle wrap last? What is the Warranty?

Since we laminate all our prints, your wrap, and vehicles paint is protected from the damaging effect of UV rays. The vinyl manufacturer has up to a 5 year limited warranty on all materials.

What are the artwork requirements if I have a designer of my choice create the wrap?

While we recommend having our design team create the artwork for your wrap, we have also worked with designers in the past to produce vehicle wraps that demand attention.

What file types can we accept?

.EPS or .PDF but most vector data is acceptable .tif, .psd, .jpg – these bitmap/raster files must be a the exact dimensions of the vehicle and cannot have a resolution lower than 96dpi. Any resizing will affect quality.

Can you take a wrapped car through a car wash?

Automatic car washes are not recommended as they can abrade the film and cause edges to lift

or chip, as well as dulling the film’s appearance.

Is it possible to change my phone number on my company logo without having to re-wrap my vehicle?

Since all of your artwork is saved on our server, we are easily able to make a patch to your existing vehicle wrap.

What if I have a minor accident, can it be repaired?

Since we save all of your files on our server, we are normally able to print and produce patchwork of any size.

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